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A list or other description of the goods, services or other items and, in the case of land, a general description of the land the acquisition of which will be financed by credit under the contract. 3. This Article shall not affect national rules under which the creditor is jointly and severally liable for any claim that the consumer has on the supplier where the purchase of goods or services has been financed by the supplier by a credit agreement. (a) the fixed or variable reference rate, or both, and information on any charges included in the total cost of credit to the consumer; You have the right to withdraw the credit agreement within 14 calendar days. (3) If applicable, details of the creditor`s claims for compensation under Section 95A of the Act and how such compensation is to be determined. (b) credit agreements the object of which is to acquire or retain ownership rights in land or in an existing or proposed immovable; (k) for credit agreements referred to in Article 2(3), information on the rates applicable from the date of conclusion of those agreements and, where applicable, on the conditions under which those fees may be amended; The credit granted under the contract for various purposes or the clause defining the law applicable to the credit agreement and/or the competent court 4. Member States shall take the necessary measures to ensure that consumers do not lose the protection afforded by this Directive by choosing the law of a third country as the law applicable to the credit agreement, where the credit agreement was closely linked to the territory of one or more Member States. The cost of maintaining an account that covers both payment transactions and uses, the cost of using a means of payment, both for payment transactions and for payment transactions and other charges related to payment transactions, shall be included in the total cost of credit to the consumer, unless the opening of the account is optional and the cost of the account has been taken into account in the credit agreement or in another contract concluded k The Information and Information Policy Committee has been presented separately. with the consumer….