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A contract requires four parties to be considered legal. You are as follows: the first and most obvious example of a legitimate breach of an agreement is whether the other parties to that agreement accept the breach. There may be good reasons for this and, if so, it would be desirable to record this consent in writing and to insist, depending on the circumstances, that it is irrevocable. They can terminate a contract prematurely if the other party is not up to the end of their contract. If the other party is unable or unsyning to comply with the terms of the contract, you have legal reasons to terminate the contract. Check the contract carefully and note all areas in which the other party is in violation. If the other party made an error in concluding the contract or if the contract is based on a misrepresentation of facts or fraud, you can cancel the contract without being sued. If a franchisor and franchisee enter into a franchise agreement, it may be a double-edged sword for both parties. If you sign a five-year contract with someone, that means you have a five-year contract, doesn`t it? I mean, you think if a guy had life because he killed someone, he would be in life in prison, right? But as we know, life doesn`t mean living, and in the case of a franchise agreement, five years doesn`t mean five years – in some cases.