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10.9 Integration and Change. This Agreement and the written documents referred to in this Agreement (including the Order) constitute the entire agreement of the parties and supersede and supersede all prior agreements or arrangements, assurances or warranties relating to the subject matter of this Agreement. The terms of this Agreement supersede those of any prior contract between the parties with respect to the Software as of the effective date and shall not be refuted by evidence of oral, simultaneous or subsequent agreements between the Parties, except that orders placed and still active with respect to the Software are included in this Agreement as orders by that reference. This Agreement may not be modified, supplemented or supported by any of the parties to this Agreement, except by: (a) a written agreement specifically relating to that agreement signed by the parties or (b) the performance by the Partner of a subsequent electronic agreement provided by BeyondTrust with respect to the same software. The Partner represents and acknowledges that it has not relied on any assurances or warranties other than those expressly defined in this Agreement to enter into this Agreement. PARTNER HEREBY AGREES THAT ANY DIFFERENT OR ADDITIONAL TERMS CONTAINED IN AN ORDER OR ANY OTHER WRITTEN NOTICE OR DOCUMENT ISSUED BY PARTNER WITH RESPECT TO THE SOFTWARE HAVE NO FORCE OR EFFECT. (a) injunction and retention of rights. The Addressee agrees that a breach of this Section 8 would cause the disclosure to cause irreparable damages for which financial damage would not provide adequate compensation and that, in addition to any other remedy, disclosure would be entitled to rights to the omission of such or imminent infringement, without proving actual harm or filing a loan or other security. This Agreement does not confer ownership of confidential information and does not grant a license. Note that if the EULA is refused, an error message is displayed and you cannot update your BeyondTrust software. When you install a software update, logged-on users temporarily lose connection to access sessions and the access console. So schedule software updates outside of peak hours.

However, if your update package contains only additional licenses, you can install the update without interrupting user connections. „Active Enrollment” means the use, at any given time, of the BeyondTrust Remote Support software, as described in the command, by a single service agent directly or indirectly connected to the Remote Support Server software. The number of active registrations is the number of employees who simultaneously access the remote maintenance software. Navigate to the file after downloading software in the Manual Installation section, and then click the Update Software button to complete the installation….