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The Oregon Treaty between the United States and the British. Signed by President James K. Polk on June 15, 1846. Frederick Merk`s statement that „the entire British press” greeted the news of the Senate`s ratification of lord Aberdeen`s proposed treaty with „a sigh of relief” and „universal satisfaction” is almost true. The Whigs, Tory and independent newspapers agreed with the treaty in their statements of satisfaction. Although some newspapers had reservations that were mild to say the least, the harsh condemnation that had hosted the old Webster Ashburton Treaty (which fixed the northeastern border between the United States and Canada) was totally missing. Lord Aberdeen had been determined to prevent such a reaction to the Oregon Treaty and, apparently, he was very successful in this work. [6] Map of the Oregon Territory showing what the United States claimed and what the United States and the British claimed 1845-1846 The Oregon Treaty fixed the border between the United States and British North America at the 49th parallel, with the exception of Vancouver Island, which was entirely maintained by the British. Vancouver Island, along with all the coastal islands, was founded in 1849 as a colony on Vancouver Island. ==.