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Enter into the possible framework agreement between Switzerland and the EU, which would replace the 120 existing bilateral agreements and bind Switzerland more closely to the EU. In 2009, the Swiss voted 59.6% and 40.4% against the extension of Bulgaria and Romania. [8] While Directive 2004/38/EC on the right to free movement and residence does not apply directly to Switzerland, the bilateral Swiss-EU agreement on the free movement of persons provides for the same rights for both Swiss nationals and EEA nationals and their family members. [9] In total, there are currently more than 100 bilateral agreements between the EU and Switzerland. The Parties agree that Protocol No 2 to the Act of Accession of Finland to the European Union concerning the Aaland Islands shall also apply to this Agreement. The framework agreement, the cornerstone of relations with the EU Negotiations between Switzerland and the European Union (EU) for an institutional framework agreement aimed at providing a more sustainable basis for bilateral relations between Switzerland and the EU and paving the way for the conclusion of new market access agreements have been bogged down in recent months. In the summer of 2019, the EU reacted by withdrawing Swiss stock exchange equivalence. For the Swiss financial centre and other economically important sectors, it is very important that an agreement be concluded between Switzerland and the EU next year. Relations with bilateral double taxation conventions The Swiss lists in Annexes C and D to Directive 92/51/EEC shall be drawn up within the framework of the application of this Convention. In the event that no agreement is reached after the spring 2020 vote, the question of a plan B arises. In order to mitigate the negative consequences of possible non-acceptance and to allow for a subsequent resumption of negotiations, the conclusion of an interim agreement could be envisaged. This would make it clear that, although Switzerland does not have the right to conclude other market access agreements, the existing agreements would remain in force. Relations with bilateral social security agreements It remains to be seen how the EU will position itself next year in relation to the framework agreement under the leadership of the new head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.

The scope of the Framework Agreement is limited to the five existing bilateral market access agreements (free movement, removal of technical barriers to trade, land transport, air transport and agriculture) and all future market access agreements. At the end of the deadline, the EU, which has been seeking a framework agreement for a decade, exchanged its threat to end the recognition of Swiss stock exchange rules, which makes EU investors act in Switzerland. Switzerland maintains close relations with the EU, not only economically, but also politically and culturally. .