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The labour/labour relations team works closely with all human resources executives and advisors on all issues related to the interpretation and application of collective agreements. The unanticipated closure, described in section 15.5 of the collective agreement between UVSS and the United Steelworkers union, stipulates that if MSRs may receive three days` pay beyond dismissal due to supply disturbances, unforeseen environmental conditions, „God records” or other reasons beyond workers` control. CUPE 4163 is known as the Education Employees Union of the University of Victoria. The room consists of three „components,” each with its own tariff language. UVSS staff are members of the United Steelworkers (ETC) Local 2009. The United Steelworkers have protected the rights of SUB students and permanent employees in all matters related to their employment with the EIS since 1991. Union members are represented in the building by Shop Stewards and a single committee elected by membership for three years. The team works closely with all representatives of the university`s workers` group and disseminates information on ongoing negotiations and forwards all other work-related issues to the UVic community. President – Lisa Sheppard (email to her!) VP – Vakant (e-mail to the Vice-President!) Steward – Amy Anderson Steward – Brydon Sudds Steward – Alex Kazakoff Steward – Nathan Ponce UVSS Director of Student Affairs Victoria Eaton has cancelled the next club and council meeting and announced that the last deadline for all this semester`s cheque applications – a crucial element for access to funding – would be March 17. The email message arrived with 22 hours notice, which requires clubs to file their finances immediately.

UVic`s PEA chapter includes administrative professionals and academics. This group employs 850 people (770 FTEs). A meeting between key members of UVSS and UVic executives, including UVic`s Executive Directors and Associate Vice President Jim Dunston, will be held by video conference on Friday, March 20. In an email to UVSS employees, James stated that all unionized employees will be affected for benefits such as personal leave, sick leave (students receive 4 hours per working time, up to 12 hours) and unplanned closures. This announcement came hours after B.C declared a health emergency, with the number of reported cases increasing to 186, including 12 on Vancouver Island. „We have assessed this situation from all angles,” Alannah James, Executive Director of UVSS, said in an email to SUB employees. „We`ve spent a lot of hard hours debating options, and we don`t take this decision lightly.” Following the meeting, groups were contacted in McFarlin`s SUB for information on the closure. It also asked each group to send its operating plan to UVSS for the foreseeable future and stated that the EIS will be available via email in the coming weeks and notifies SUB residents when the building reopens.