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On September 9, 2016 at 09:02, NeilMurphy wrote bounce-NeilMurphy@toadworld.com: An Unlimited License Agreement can be an attractive and attractive option for large companies that are struggling to manage their software compliance position and/or business organizations that expect significant growth in the coming years, and can benefit financially from such an agreement. For all Quest freeware licenses, the following terms and conditions apply: If possible, you would also have the license agreements for the remaining toad products (below) that I mentioned in my application: (if applicable!) Or could you give me contact with people who might help with these products? Many organizations receive individual licenses (based on quantities) from Quest (or authorized resellers) before entering into an Enterprise licensing agreement. These existing licenses may or may not have an active support maintenance contract. If an organization wishes to enter into an ELA, Quest first returns all existing licenses under an active support maintenance contract: „Restoration.” This includes all licenses sold to your organization as well as to affiliates in your organization. Then all these existing licenses will be added to the ELA and be part of the ELA, with a support maintenance flow in the future. As a result, it is no longer possible to cancel support maintenance fees for individual licenses once your organization has entered into a business license agreement. In general, Quest Software offers a corporate licensing agreement to its largest end-user organizations for Benchmark Factory, Toad and Spotlight software. The duration of the agreement is different, but it is usually concluded for a period of 3 to 5 years. During this period, the end user will have the right to use the programs contained in the Enterprise license agreement indefinitely. For this matter, you should probably discuss the above links with our licensing department or your local sales agent. Toad for Oracle can be allowed in different ways.

The default is by seating; However, your local sales agent can provide you with information on all optional licensing methods. It is important to note that the word „you” applies under the specific conditions above to the organization (the corporation) that has acquired licenses. However, many companies are made up of several different legal entities and each of them may, over time, have acquired its own Quest software licenses. As a result, a problem can arise during a review when an organization is considered a single client. It is important to clarify this point in advance to determine how many legal entities have the right to purchase a freeware license in accordance with agreed contractual terms. By: Gregory Liss [mailto:bounce-GTDG@toadworld.com] OWNERSHIP OF SOFTWARE: The software is licensed, not sold by the licensee, and the licensee reserves all rights that are not expressly granted to the licensee. The licensee and its licensees retain ownership of the software itself. Some of the information in the software is proprietary in nature, including, but is not limited to appearance and feel, formats and organization. The licensee must protect the software with a degree of caution that meets appropriate security standards for the protection of this information. Dell Software has standardized licensing agreements, so the option I previously added should be the same for all the products you mentioned.