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Standard leases are for two years. If the lessor does not have a valid reason, these contracts may be renewed at the discretion of the tenant at the end of the two-year period. These contracts represent the bulk of leases. Special clauses can be added to your rental agreement. This information must be explained to you personally when you refer to the written contract. Before you sign the agreement, confirm that you fully understand these clauses and that they are not unfavourable to you. As the name suggests, these leases are for a fixed term (almost always at least two years). They are usually used by individual homeowners who want to evacuate the property for a number of years (for example because their company sent it abroad) and monetize their home and cover the mortgage while they are away. In principle, these leases cannot be renewed, so you will have to live elsewhere when the term of the contract expires. Once you have found a property that you want to rent, the first thing you need to do is ask the realtor to back up the property for you. This is done by filling out an application form containing basic information (name, address to day, workplace, salary, etc.). You will also need an emergency contact person and a copy on both sides of your residence card to provide.

The real estate agent will then send this data to the property management company, which conducts a credit check that lasts about a week. You may need to provide additional documents, such as a tax notice or a three-month pay slip. It is important that once the application form has been accepted by the management company, the property is blocked for other listings. Note that there is nothing to prevent you from going out because you haven`t signed an agreement, but you`ll get in trouble if you start making multiple apps to save some features you like before you make up your mind. Before signing the lease, get the real estate agent to explain the important points of the contract. If there`s something you don`t understand, ask questions. Once the checks are complete, the real estate agency will inform you of the decision whether or not to rent the apartment. If your application is accepted and you decide to rent the apartment, you must enter into a guarantee agreement and a rental agreement. Apart from the different types of contracts, there are other things to consider about Japanese leases. The deposit (敷金, Shikikin) is usually a month`s rent, but can be up to three months` rent for homeowners who wish to keep pets in the room. Don`t expect this to come back.

There will be a fee to clean the apartment professionally if you move (this is not something you can tell the owner that you are going to do it yourself), and it can cover other costs that can cover the change of locks or cleaning the air conditioning. Moreover, changing locks between tenants in Japan is a common practice, because security-conscious Japanese do not want to believe that there is someone bringing home a complete set of keys. The Japanese apartments are rented with the intention of returning them in the same condition as the one where they were rented. Never upgrade your rental property without talking to your landlord. A renovation may seem convenient, but your landlord can`t agree. Unauthorized changes can become a claim fee. Your landlord may support your ideas for improving your own home and reward you even by renting a few thousand yen. Second, the documentation containing many small print is substantial. The legal language describes what you can and cannot do in the apartment, as well as the procedure for repairs and so on.

If you do all this explicitly in advance, you can expect problems with the property (z.B.