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Problem management is part of the ITIL service. It interacts with a number of other processes in the ITIL service lifecycle. In the ITIL service, it interacts closely with incident management to correct repeated incidents and prevent major incidents. When it comes to service design, the history of problems is crucial to the design of availability management. Knowledge management, which is part of the service transfer, is useful for recording known errors and circumventions of their problems as knowledge database articles. When implementing RCA, problem management links to the knowledge management process in order to find a possible solution that is already available. Finally, proactive problem management continually improves services to improve service quality. Make sure the right resources are available to review a business process and identify the cause of a problem. The service is used by the end user in the company to support the user`s work or the organization`s goals.

This is not a specific IT business, but a collection of IT resources that enable a business process. As I said before, companies are rapidly evolving from a world based on physical processes, to a world based on virtual processes. While the company will have confidence in implementing these changes in virtual business processes, the service agreement and how it supports the business is essential. The agreement gives the company confidence that the service will support the company and essential processes, putting in place controls to ensure that their new virtual plants will be stable and quality-oriented resources over the long term. If you continue with the email example, an email level may contain the size of an email inbox or the maximum time to transmit a message. When setting levels, it is important to consider the user`s needs. If these requirements are not taken into account, organizations run the risk of not aligning the service with commercial requirements. Discussions about quality with business users help define reasonable level requirements. The average time, to respond first to problems, by prioritizing many articles of knowledge created – especially workarounds – by problem control management technicians – occurs during the review phase, as described above. It is the analysis of the causes and the identification of the real cause of the problem.

Converting problems to known errors. Finally, we must take into account all the range or limitation measures that may be necessary to provide context for current service levels.