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Secondly, it is very important that the terms of payment of commissions be set. Similarly, sanctions and sanctions when the parties do not keep their word. The Tennessee District Export Council offers leadership qualities and international business know-how to complement the U.S. Commercial Service`s export promotion efforts. We represent the interests of the U.S. export community and provide business advice on the export process, trade education through seminars and events, and to encourage Tennessee businesses to export. The activities of the International Buying Groups are becoming more and more important. It may therefore be reserved the right to negotiate directly with such buying groups in one`s own country orders which, in the end, will be carried out on the agent`s territory. Whether the agent can order such sales should be explicitly included in the agreement. 1. Nomination.

The manufacturer designates the sole and exclusive representative of distributors for the export and sale of all representatives produced, manufactured, sold or sold by the manufacturer („the line”) in all countries of the world, with the exception of the United States and Canada, including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands („the territory”), as representatives of the unique and exclusive sales for the export and sale of all agents manufactured by the manufacturer. , products manufactured, sold or in some other way. The representative has the exclusive and exclusive right to submit bids for the line, to request and accept and sell orders when products constituting the line are intended to be shipped to the territory, or to use or use in that territory. The manufacturer must immediately return the agent to all orders and requests for offers or other information relating to the line from or with respect to the area. In accordance with the rights of the exclusive-export sales representative for the line, the manufacturer agrees that it will not make direct or indirect sales of the line in the territory, except by the agent, and that it will not grant or grant rights to third parties who violate or risk infringing the representative`s right, and will take reasonable steps to avoid such injury.