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(7) A statement that the retraction option gives the purchaser the right to cancel the purchase and obtain a full refund, net of the purchase price of the withdrawal option contract;  and that the right of withdrawal applies only if, within the time limit provided for the retraction option, the buyer is personally delivered to the seller: a written notification in which the right to withdraw the purchase signed by the buyer is exercised;  storage costs, which are added to the cancellation contract, net of the purchase price of the cancellation contract;  the initial agreement to cancel the contract and the vehicle sales contract and associated documents, when the seller provided these original documents to the purchaser;  all titling and registration documents for the original vehicle, when the seller has provided these original documents to the purchaser;  and the vehicle, free of any right of pledge and any charge, with pawn rights or charges other than those caused by the conditional or accessory sales contract by the conditional sales contract, any loan arranged by the distributor or any purchase loan obtained by the buyer by a third party, and in the same condition where it was delivered by the trader to the buyer , appropriate wear and tear and any mechanical defects or problems that appear or become evident after delivery that were not caused by the buyer and must not have been driven beyond the kilometre limit set in the contract with the retraction option.  The contract may also provide that the purchaser executes documents reasonably necessary to make the cancellation and refund, and as is reasonably necessary to comply with applicable legislation. This option must be available to all used vehicles except: (e) Notwithstanding subdivision (a), a dealer is not required to offer a cancellation contract to a person who has used his right to have cancelled the purchase of a vehicle by the dealer under a cancellation contract for the 30 days immediately preceding it.  A dealer is not required to notify a later purchaser of the return of a vehicle in accordance with this section.  This subdivision does not exclude or limit the disclosure requirement imposed by other statutes. (f) This section does not affect or alter the legal rights, obligations, obligations or obligations of the purchaser, trader or representatives or beneficiaries of the sale of the merchant that would exist in the absence of a contract option agreement.  The purchaser is the owner of a vehicle if he accepts a vehicle until the vehicle is returned to the dealership pursuant to a retraction option contract and the existence of a retraction option contract does not impose user liability on the dealer, agents or dealer transfers, in accordance with Section 460 or 17150 or otherwise. (a) 1. A dealer may not retail a used vehicle within the meaning of Section 665 and, subject to registration under this code, to an individual for personal, family or private use, without offering the purchaser a cancellation contract that allows the purchaser to return the vehicle for no reason.  This section does not apply to a used vehicle with a purchase price of forty thousand dollars ($40,000), a motorcycle within the meaning of Section 400, or a recreational vehicle, as defined in Section 18010 of the Health and Safety Code. (g) This section does not impair a buyer`s ability to terminate the contract or revoke its acceptance under another law. (4) A statement clearly indicating the dollar amount of a reintroduction tax that the purchaser must pay to the merchant to exercise the right to revoke the purchase under the option to cancel the contract.

 The reintroduction tax must not exceed one hundred and seventy-five dollars ($175 usd), if the cash price of the vehicle is five thousand dollars (5,000 USD) or less, three hundred and fifty dollars ($350), if the cash price of the vehicle is less than ten thousand dollars ($10,000) and $500 ($500) if the cash price of the vehicle is ten thousand dollars ($10,000) or more.