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The base salary or the rate of pay is a fixed salary of a worker for the completion of the work rate (work obligations) of a certain complexity (qualifications) for a unit of time. Article 253. The working time of female workers is a period during which a worker must be considered according to the internal rules of an organization and the terms of an employment contract and other periods which, in accordance with working time, are governed by legislation and other legal laws. Investigation reports on several production accidents, Serious production accidents, fatal production accidents, investigation documents and equipment attached to the corresponding report, as well as copies of production accident information for each victim, are forwarded by the President of the Commission to the Public Prosecutor`s Office informed of the production accident within three days of their agreement and, where there is an insurance case, they are also forwarded to the insurer`s executive post (at the place where the insured person was registered). Copies of these documents must also be forwarded to the relevant National Labour Inspectorate and the local authority of the federal inspectorate responsible for accidents in the organizations/organizations available to them. Article 69. Medical examination necessary for the conclusion of the employment contract The objectives of labour law are the definition of official guarantees of the state with regard to the rights and freedoms of workers of nationals, the creation of favourable conditions for work, the protection of the rights and interests of workers and employers. In accordance with labour laws, labour and other interconnected relationships can be regulated by workers and employers who modify, modify, annex collective agreements, collective agreements and labour agreements. Article 219. The right of the worker at work, which meets the requirements of safety and health, in Finland, collective agreements are of general application. This means that a collective agreement in an industry becomes a general legal minimum for an individual`s employment contract, whether or not he or she is unionized.

For this condition to apply, half of the workers in this sector must be unionized and therefore support the agreement. Article 361. Appeal of The State Labour Inspectors` Judgments The agreement is a legal act that establishes general principles governing socio-professional relations and related economic relations between workers` representatives and employers at the federal, regional, industrial and territorial levels within the framework of their jurisdiction. The worker`s refusal to perform the work in the event of a danger to his life and health because of the violation of health and work requirements, or where there is work or strenuous work in harmful and/or dangerous working conditions that are not stipulated in the employment contract, does not result in disciplinary responsibility. The certification of compliance with measures to ensure safety at work (safety certificate) is a document attesting to the compliance of the measures taken by the organization in the field of workplace safety with the legal normative requirements for safety at work. In the event of a non-agreement by the conciliation committee, the parties continue conciliation procedures with the ombudsman and/or in the context of the labour arbitration procedure.