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The ability to rent the car 24 hours back 2.Choose the car you want. You entered as: When you leave your personal office, you have to select the car again. Do you want to continue? . The delivery and return options are at this Station Track our special offers and book cars worldwide at the best prices, save on rental. . Within minutes, we will send you a booking confirmation at your address. Update on the opening of Russia`s borders during COVID-7 p.m. Monday to Friday from 8 .m to 21 .m. You can return your car at any time with our special keybox.

Let us know in advance. To request a receipt, fill out the following fields or enter your budget profile and go to your „Past Rentals” page. . Take care of all the little things you need on the trip. For example, you can book a GPS, Wi-Fi, car seats and more. Join Avis Preferred for free and enjoy favorite services, free rentals, discounts and other benefits. Rent in Russia 8-800-222-52-11 Foreign Rental (7 (495) 775-39-98 . You can also specify your Notice Worldwide Discount (AWD) number.

You can also book a minivan or scooter if these vehicles are available at the station where you are located. . Earn miles in loyalty programs and enjoy the benefits by renting a car in the budget To specify the rental station with the car rental search form below. . Improved Mobile Reviews made it easier and faster to book and manage your car.