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New rules mean that if people staying in or frequenting holiday accommodation behave antisocially, the owner cannot ignore the problem. If the property has been rented at least twice for a leave of absence and the antisocial behaviour has occurred at least twice, either by the person renting the holiday home or by a visitor, then the owner must act. The purpose of this guide is to outline briefly what a landlord can do when confronted with a tenant engaged in antisocial behaviour. We provide you with the information you need to avoid antisocial behaviour, your responsibility for antisocial behaviour, how you can manage behaviour when it occurs, and the support available to the police or local authorities if you cannot resolve it yourself. Before the lease begins, you must explain to the tenant your anti-social behaviour obligations. You can do this if you or your landlord register the customer. You need to make the tenant aware of what antisocial behaviour is. So are the consequences of such behaviour. Point out that antisocial behaviour irritates neighbours. Antisocial behaviour can occur in many forms, including noise, threat from neighbours, damage to the property itself or neighbouring property, or the use of the property as a brothel. This is one of the most common reasons that landlord notifications to request possession and one of the main causes of stress for landlords and neighbors who have to live next door to an antisocial tenant.

We have already mentioned that ignorance of antisocial behaviour could be costly. First, a tenant who gives himself to this behavior can damage your property. But there are other consequences if the behaviour continues. If this does not succeed, you may need to take other steps. Tenants of private apartments are required not to behave inside the apartment or endesaton, in a manner that is antisocial or that allows other residents or visitors to behave in this way in or near the apartment. This could be done: the owner may prefer to record a section 21 notification, as it may be less confrontational in the long run, since the owner has no reason to own. As a general rule, such a notice will not terminate a lease agreement before the fixed term. However, it is advisable to check whether the AST has a break clause allowing the lessor to terminate the lease prematurely. Such a clause cannot be subject to conditions, for example. B after six months of lease.

If the owner wants to exercise the break clause, the owner must follow the correct procedure with proper notification. Waiting two months before taking action cannot be a luxury that the owner can afford. We are all fairly aware that behaviour is unacceptable. But the definition of the law is: „Any behaviour that could inconvenience, worry or worry one or more people who do not belong to the same household.” Talk to the landlord about what happened, or contact their local council team for their antisocial behaviour and report the problem. If the person or persons who behave in an antisocial manner hire a private landlord, the Council may also take steps to encourage their landlord to deal with the problem.