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(a) by air services or by the individual agent who imposes a 13-week delay on the other party and who has denounced the other party in writing, and the agreement that will no longer come into effect at the end of the notice, or b) this business supplement does not apply to an employee who is excluded from the auction by law. (a) This company award refers to Airservices Australia and its employees in the classifications in nomenclature A, excluding another modern arbitration award. D.6.2 All SWS wage agreements must be agreed and signed by the parties to the workers` and employers` assessments. If a union interested in the award is not involved in the evaluation, the assessment is referred to the union by the Fair Work Commission by certified mail and the agreement enters into force, unless an objection is communicated to the Fair Work Commission within ten working days. 4.7 Air services wishing to reach an agreement must submit a written proposal to the worker. If staff are limited in understanding written English, air services must take steps, including translation into an appropriate language, to ensure that the employee understands the proposal. E.7 The duration of the apprenticeship must be set for each apprentice, as stipulated in the contract or training contract, but may not exceed six years. The SWS Wage Calculation Agreement refers to the document as required by the Ministry of Social Services, which records the worker`s production capacity and the agreed wage rate 5.2. Facilitation provisions should not be used as a means of avoiding premium obligations, nor should they lead to injustice to any worker or workers covered by the bonus. (iii) receive a salary equal to or above the minimum wage for administrative services – Level 7, unless, in agreement with Airservcies, they work on a flexible schedule; (a) employees of the sites listed below who receive rental subsidies receive a subsidy for water consumed beyond the water permitted in the area and/or in the lease agreement. The amount is refunded in return for proof of use up to the ceiling: Airservices Australia has announced its intention to review its business network as part of a broad „modernization programme.” (i) the employer must keep a copy of an agreement under clause 18.8 as a dataset of workers. 4.5 Air services must provide a copy of the agreement to each worker and retain the agreement in the form of a data set on time and wages.